The Project of 3D unique NFTs (on the ETH blockchain) refers to pop culture characters of major movies, TV series, games etc., that have for many years shaped our perception of the world. Our apes have slipped into NFTs to expand their lives and to never disappear from our memory.

The major goal is to combine technology and strengthen the community with a shared perception of the world through the prism of pop culture.
We see a long term potential in the NFTs, and we want you to be part of our community. We are planning to further develop the project in the near future, cooperate with big players which, together with your involvement, will allow it to live, evolve and grow.

CINEMA APES core creators are two friends with background in business and IT sector. We have years of experience of being involved in crypto and have witnessed development and growth of this groundbreaking technology.

We are proud members of HAPE #123 and #3231.


Our Ape Society 

The first step in assuring our project’s long-term success is to build a healthy and prosperous community. It is critical for us to have dedicated members who support each other to achieve all of our mutual goals. Our community will continue to develop and thrive. This is just the beginning…

Royalties, Merch Store & Collectables

The royalties are 7,5% (Open Sea tax included), and it will be allocated for future project demands! We will continue to expand and be ready for everything that comes our way! The Cinema Apes (CA) merch store will be opening and will have t-shirts, hats, and so much more. CA 3D printed models will be created for our biggest fans! We will only have a limited amount of them!

The Utility

After the launch, all CA holders will become exclusive members of our community, with ‘members only’ channels on discord. Access to online poker and major esport games tournaments with great prizes to bring together all involved. Screening nights to watch our favorite movies and review page for movies and games to comment and rate exclusively for holders to collaborate and grow together. 

Cinema Apes and beyond

Cinema Apes in the Metaverse. Second collection: free drop – you will decide which character should appear in the second drop. Short animated movies starring our apes which, with your help, will evolve into a series of episodes about crypto and NFTs. Collaborations with big names and companies. But it certainly won’t stop there… Our team will expand in order to bring the best that NFTs and crypto have to offer.


The CA Team will giveaway HAPE PRIME NFTs for lucky holders of Cinema Apes. This way, we want to show respect for HAPE PRIME. This won’t be the only giveaway for our holders.






What are you waiting for?

For the latest news, announcements, competitions, and perks, join the Cinema Apes community and
become part of the story… Let’s make something great together and have some fun while doing it!